Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cafe Nineteen...

In spite of all the flooding and terrible weather that surrounded us in Atlanta yesterday, I managed to get out and enjoy the company of a good friend. We decided to go out and have some drinks at a fairly new spot in Atlantic Station called Cafe Nineteen. I loved everything about this place. It was extremely intimate, dark and casual yet cosmopolitan and urbane. It was the perfect atmosphere needed to unwind after a long day in the city. We indulged in glasses of Pinot Grigio($7), Bacon Egg and Cheese croissants($4), Lemon Pepper Wings($5), Hot as Fish grease Wings($5) and Veggie Panini's ($8) at 11:30 at night. Where else in Atlanta can you do that on a Monday night? Better yet, where else in Atlanta would you want to do that on a Monday night? Not to mention they're open until 2am!! This is definitely my new hotspot when I need to chill and relax and count my coins. They are terribly affordable so there is definitely no reason for me to stray.... See you soon!

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