Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fruits of My Labor...

Finally!!!!! I feel like I've been grinding for a minute in attempts to land the perfect undertaking in the perfect setting. This weekend I have the opportunity to work at one of Atlanta's best restaurants, Craft. It is owned by Bravo's Top Chef judge, Tom Colicchio and resides in Buckhead at the Mansion Hotel on Peachtree. Words cannot express how thrilled I am although I am filled entirely with butterflies. I know that I have what it takes to advance in this industry, however I have not worked in a professional kitchen in over a year. Regardless of the fact that the restaurants I have worked in were distinguished and reputable, Craft is not your average kitchen. The expectations are a lot higher when it comes to not only the food, but your level of professionalism, your cleanliness, your organization and your attention to detail. For any aspiring Chef, this is the position that many try to land because of the level of status attached to it. For me, it is a stepping stone that will bring me much closer to obtaining the knowledge and experience needed to branch out on my own. This Saturday, I am going to be a complete sponge and aim to soak up everything around me. I'm trying to keep in mind a word of advice from the very first chef that I've ever worked for, "Every kitchen is exactly the same except some have much more expensive ingredients and equipment". Thankx Chef Paul;)

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