Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Compassion Kicked In....

After watching what was indeed a spectacle at the awards on Sunday, this apology seemed very sincere to me. I could be a sucka but, Kanye seems like a child who seriously misses his mom and acts out, sometimes foolishly, to gain attention which is often very negative. Not that I don't still feel awful for Taylor being humiliated, I guess I just realized that she was not the only injured party on stage that night. It's so very true that hurt people, hurt people. I just hope that Kanye really takes the time off to get his head and heart straight. Nothing is more important than your personal health, peace of mind and well being. I can't imagine losing my mom at any point in my life, and definitely not at one of the highest points in my life. Can you imagine how low you would feel??????? Get it together Kanye.....I'm praying for you ;)

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